The earth suffers degradation because we fail to tackle issues like pollution, deforestation, biodiversity, and climate change. In this presentation, we will talk about One World Movement and their actions. The causes, effects, and solutions of the planet’s environmental problems are soon to be resolved.

The Causes of the Planets Problems and effects

One World

According to One World Movement Association, the roots and consequences of environmental problems on the planet are:

Pollution of the Air and Water

Flaring of gas from petroleum production pollutes the air. Oil spillage into the rivers degrades the aquatic culture, kill fishes and other organisms living inside the water. Generators and motor vehicles also cause carbon emission and pollute the air and endanger people’s health.


Bush burning and indiscriminate cutting of timber triggers flood and erosion on the earth. Also, plants and trees supply oxygen and water to the planet. Burning these two items will make the earth unbearable.


All humans and living organisms in the environment, including microorganisms, create a balance in nature that preserves the planet. Excessive destruction of plants and animals damages the earth.

Climate Change  

Climate change is produced by actions like cutting of trees, and carbon emission. The effect is a change in temperature, reduction of water supply, and lower yields from agriculture and greenhouse emission, leading to global warming.

One World Movement Association’s Plans for Saving the Planet

The lack of collective responsibility for the protection of the planet should not continue. We must act now to keep the earth from further damage.

  • The education of citizens about pollution and its effects on the quality of life of humans, animals, and plants could make them more responsible and stop the damaging of the planet.
  • The organization believes that tree planting campaigns by the government and civil organizations will reduce deforestation.
  • One World Movement says that legislation on the use of renewable energy, stopping gas flaring, and lowering carbon emission, will protect the environment.
  • Encouraging energy saving methods like energy-saving light bulbs will lower greenhouse emissions.
  • One World says recycling will reduce cutting of timber, for making paper.