The use of chemical products like pesticides and herbicides should be severely frowned on due to the adverse effects it has on our environment and health. As a regard to this, a world movement association is coming to the rescue to shed a light on the benefits of using alternative pests and crop control.

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Why farmers shouldn’t use chemical products?

The usage of these chemical products should be ejected by farmers and other citizens for numerous reasons.

  • Fields color change: The introduction of these chemical products has damaged soil pH levels, which in turn affects crop growth and changes the color of our green fields.
  • Reduces profit: Farmers will make more gains if they refuse to invest in pesticides. A total of $20 billion was spent on chemical products in the US alone in a year. If farmers divers some of these funds to other usages, their savings will improve.
  • Health issues: The continuous usage of these chemical products have been found to cause severe illness like nervous breakdown, cancer, and low sperm count of exposed to farmers.
  • Good alternatives: Farmers should think about using other options that are cheaper and healthier than these chemical products.

Alternatives to Chemical Products

  • Polyculture: This is a tested pest control where different crops are grown in the same fields, which confuses the pest.
  • Crop rotation: Crop rotation is when you keep transferring matured plants from a location to another location where they are safe from danger.
  • Trap crops: Some crops are used to capture pests, however, this can only work on control environments.
  • Using predators and scarecrows: Some farmers in Europe have experimented with using pest predators like animals that hunt these pests. You could also use scarecrows which will make it look like there is someone on the farm.
  • Flaming: creating a fire regularly on the farm is effective against pests in Sweden and Norway.

Protecting our countryside should be our goal, and using chemical products will deter us from doing it. The aim of world organizations is for farmers to stop using chemical products today and embrace cheaper and healthier alternatives.